MCP23017 init & data transfer

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MCP23017 init & data transfer

Postby ravnicas » Mon Jan 22, 2018 10:19 pm

hi, im hoping to find some help with i2c init on a teensy 3.2. I tried searching, but couldnt find the source of my problem.

Im trying to init an MCP23017 expander. The controller halts as soon as i start the data transfer. the goal is to set GPIOA1 to HIGH.
Maybe someone already had this problem, or could guide me to an answer. That would really help me.

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uint8_t init_mcp23017(void) {
    mcp23017_status = 0x20;

    i2cStart(&I2CD1, &i2ccfg);

    tx[0] = 0;
    tx[1] = 0;

    i2cMasterTransmitTimeout(&I2CD1, 32, tx, 2, rx, 0, 100);
   tx[0] = 20;
   tx[1] = 1;
   i2cMasterTransmitTimeout(&I2CD1, 32, tx, 2, rx, 0, 100);

    return mcp23017_status;

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Re: MCP23017 init & data transfer

Postby wiml » Thu Feb 08, 2018 8:57 am

Do you have a pullup on the i2c lines? On the Kinetis parts, if you need a pullup but don't have an external pullup, I think you need to explicitly enable pullups on an open-drain pin (I don't think the PAL driver can do this, you need to do it explicitly). The i2c peripheral might be hanging because it interprets a low clock line as i2c "clock stretching".

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Re: MCP23017 init & data transfer

Postby FromtonRouge » Sun Oct 21, 2018 11:24 pm


Any news on this one ? I have the exact same problem here but with a MCP23018 expander (and I also use a Teensy 3.2). I ended up with a similar code as the OP (that's why I found this post)

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    i2cStart(&I2CD1, &i2c_config);
    tx[0] = MCP_IODIRA;
    tx[1] = 0b01111111;
    i2cMasterTransmitTimeout(&I2CD1, MCP_I2C_ADDR_WRITE, tx, 2, NULL, 0, MS2ST(500));

The timeout (500 ms) is triggered then the I2C driver is in LOCKED state (I2CD1.state = I2C_LOCKED)
I have external pullups on SDA and SCL (2.2 kOhms). The circuitry seems to work because I did a simple test in Arduino and the Wire library and it worked well. Now I want to do the same test but with ChibiOS.

I can't find a working example of I2C for the Teensy 3.1/3.2 in chibios-contrib/testhal/KINETIS/TEENSY3_x am I missing something?

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