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16 FX Port, first issue

Posted: Sat Sep 06, 2014 5:44 pm
by logan54
Dear Forum,
Dear Giovanni,

I’m presenting a first port of ChibiOS 2.6 Line for the Spansion 16FX Architecture.
When adopting the scheduler I had to choose to use the hardware register set / switch instruction or use the conventional software way of pushing/poping registers during context switch.
In my Version of the scheduler I decided to use software way and keep the HW-Register set reserved for fast Interrupts. In my opinion the MCU Operating System should do its task in the background, which is also the reason why I’ve enabled fast HW-Interrupts during the context switch.
This port is based on former work of ChibiOS 16FX and the freeRTOS port for this architecture.

Attached is a first version of the port running on the 16FX Eval Board (
The required Softune Workbench can be requested from Spansion or your distributor.

This port is organized in three parts.
The first part is a Library which contains the kernel that is independent of the used 16FX derivate. The second part is an executable demo where the eval board counter will count up in a Thread, whereas a second thread will echo characters from serial port 1 (38400 bps, 8N1) of the eval board.
The third part also an executable demo which runs the Chibi Benchmark, where the output is also printed to serial port 1 (38400bps, 8N1).