[IMPORTANT] Renaming of ChibiOS/GFX

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[IMPORTANT] Renaming of ChibiOS/GFX

Postby Tectu » Mon Jul 22, 2013 12:04 am

ChibiOS/GFX has been renamed to µGFX (microGFX / microGraphics). It's now possible to use µGFX on different subsystems too, not only ChibiOS/RT anymore. Therefore, we cannot rape Giovannis forum anymore and we had to introduce our own discussion forum. The public support is now done through that forum and this one is locked down.

Please read our blog entry to learn more about the name change and other new features that have been introduced.

At this point I'd like to personally thank Giovanni for the great support he gave me to make this project what it is today. It hurts me to move away from this forum but it's a mandatory step. ChibiOS/RT will always be the primary RTOS with which µGFX will be demonstrated.

~ Tectu

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