ChibiOS SPC5 LL driver VS SP5Studio SPC5 LL Driver

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ChibiOS SPC5 LL driver VS SP5Studio SPC5 LL Driver

Postby ChinaShenZhen » Thu Mar 30, 2017 9:09 am

I come from China.and My English level is poor.. :mrgreen:

ChibiOS16.1.7 contains SPC5 LL drive library, the code is written in 2013, was written by ST company.Now the SP5Studio own LL drive library is written in 2015.Interface and function also changed.Such as:
2013 version: void can_lld_start (CANDriver * canp)
2015 version: void can_lld_start (CANDriver * canp, const CANConfig * config)
How do I choose which version?If I choose 2013 version (that is, the CHIBIOS own), so I don't have to worry about to use this version has a BUG?


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Re: ChibiOS SPC5 LL driver VS SP5Studio SPC5 LL Driver

Postby Giovanni » Thu Mar 30, 2017 10:29 am


We provide ST code as-is on the SPC5-HAL project trunk repository which is publicly accessible, they are moving the project on github now.

Newer ST code could be not compatible with ChibiOS latest HAL. SPC5Studio includes an HAL 2.5, current HAL version is 5, this is why we are sticking with 2013 code. Apparently they will not use our newer HAL.

You best option is to use what they provide in SPC5Studio, it is what they support.


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