Full SMP on RP2040

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Full SMP on RP2040

Postby szilveszter » Sun Jul 11, 2021 1:52 pm


I try to set up full SMP support on an RP2040, but I have got confused. It is mentioned in the article about Full SMP in RT 7.0 that in Full SMP mode only one instance of OS is running across multiple cores. In the demo/example for the RP2040 the full SMP mode is enabled chconf.h

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and simultaneously called the

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chInstanceObjectInit(&ch1, &ch_core1_cfg);
in the c1_main. Maybe I am wrong, but I assume the chInstanceObjectInit creates a second OS instance. Could you please confirm that this is the right way to use full SMP mode, calling the chInstanceObjectInit in c1_main? If it isn't, then how could I instantiate the core 1, because without the chInstanceObjectInit any of the chThdCreateStatic or chThdCreateStatic throws an unhanded exception.


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Re: Full SMP on RP2040

Postby Giovanni » Sun Jul 11, 2021 4:00 pm


There are always one instance per core, coupled or decoupled, this is the only difference.

The article says there is one OS running on multiple cores, it does not say "instances", an instance is an object of the class "OS instance", the OS is the collection of all things.


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