How to ask for support, what to expect

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How to ask for support, what to expect

Postby Giovanni » Thu Oct 22, 2015 2:50 pm


The following clarification applies to the various support sub-forums. Other sub-forums are handled according to their description.

I need to clarify what support is on this forum. It seems that expectations are too high regarding the kind of free support we are able to provide.

Support forum is meant to:

  • Discover bugs in ChibiOS.
  • Give answer to very focused questions regarding ChibiOS, its API and best usage of the various functionalities.
  • Help find the right answer when the documentation is insufficient, hard to find or not available.
  • Get advice on the best practices when using ChibiOS. For example the best way to do something.

Please only post code if it is related to the above points and only post relevant lines.

It is not meant to:

  • Teach computer programming or MCU-related technologies.
  • Answer questions unrelated to ChibiOS and its supported platforms.
  • Provide a debugging service, debugging code takes time and time is limited.
  • Provide a development-on-demand service, the available examples are already in the ChibiOS source tree. We are continuously adding more code but don't expect this to be done as answer to a support request.
  • Be a Google replacement.

You are welcome to ask anything on the forums but only expect answers only on ChibiOS-related topics. Answering to unrelated questions is optional, doing so is still allowed because other forum users could be able to help.

Thanks for understanding.


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