Canopen PDO Sample code for LPC11cxx

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Canopen PDO Sample code for LPC11cxx

Postby sadiq » Wed Jan 28, 2015 12:07 pm

I tested and understood SDO rx and tx with the LPC11Cxx demo, But this demo stack has only SDO functions and driver api, I want to implement PDO for the same is any one help me by providing sample code or implementation steps or functions.

I want to send 68(ADC data) bytes of data from Slave node to Master node in regular interval, Please give your suggestion .

For the above task ,Is it SDO better (or) PDO ? How Many PDO i need to send 64 bytes of data? How can I set PDO mapping and parameters? What is difference between Master node and slave node?How to diffrentiate from code?

Any PDO Sample code ,Please share

Thanks Sadiq.Mohd

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