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Renesas RX63N Development Kit

Posted: Tue Jun 10, 2014 12:48 pm
by Joshuasimi
The RDK has been pre-programmed at the factory with software that includes support for cloud connectivity. When the RDK is connected to an Internet connection through the Ethernet interface, “Cloud Connected” is displayed on the LCD panel (displayed only when a pushbutton switch is pressed), indicating a connection with the cloud has been established.
The Renesas RX63N RDK (Renesas Development Kit) is a low cost, full featured, reference design for the Renesas RX63N MCU. Cloud connected devices send and receive data over the Internet using a wired or wireless data communications interface – on the RDK, this includes the Ethernet interface and the RedPine WiFi interface (if available). Cloud-capable firmware is pre-programmed (and available for download & modification) that enables the RDK for cloud connectivity. Cloud connected devices are called “Clients.” Although the Internet is used as the medium for Client communication, cloud connectivity requires a cloud-based server platform that does things like: server-based authentication, storage, processing, routing of data, and application software functionality. Exosite’s server technologies provide a redundant and distributed application framework that does this heavy lifting. It allows the RDK software to simply use an authentication key (a Client Interface Key - “CIK”) and a data port name (an Alias - e.g. “my_temp”) to interact with its own or other cloud-connected data. The server technologies that make this possible are called the “Data Platform” (Exosite’s One Platform). For complete documentation and visit