iNEMO engine and ChibiOS

Temporary and unofficial forum dedicated to the ST event "iNemo Design Challenge". Designers that are planning to use ChibiOS/RT for the challenge can use the forum to exchange code and experience.
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iNEMO engine and ChibiOS

Postby RoccoMarco » Tue Nov 04, 2014 11:51 pm

I have successfully integrated the ST iNEMO engine on my lib. You can download it from sourceforge.
As I cannot distribute the engine you have to replace some files by yourself. Anyway there are all the instructions you need.

My lib, named as PLAY for ChibiOS, has different purposes. So it can be used with the on board mems. In the next months i will add drivers for shields and most common devices for embedded applications.

Good work,

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Re: iNEMO engine and ChibiOS

Postby tonygalano » Sat Nov 08, 2014 7:11 pm

Great JOB Rocco!!!
After some trouble calibrating the magnetometer in the AHRS now I can definitively say your PLAY (ex EXHAL) is about perfect.
It'll be perfect when that "bad" library will disappear :D

That "bad" library causes 4 warnings about some local parameter ... I could not get out of calibration and foolishly had assumed that there was something wrong with your PLAY.
After several calibration tests I finally managed to get out of the problem and view the results of your hard work
... and how I can be radioactive at times :mrgreen:

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