[REQUEST] Seeking ChibiOS development help (permanent or temporarily)

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[REQUEST] Seeking ChibiOS development help (permanent or temporarily)

Postby Cols » Mon Sep 25, 2017 11:51 am

We are developing industrial data logger based on ChibiOS. We use a lot of interfaces, a lot of networking, a lot of everything - all challenging stuff !!

We could use help - on a permanent or termporary base - with:
* Implementing mathematic functions
* Find and repair bugs (i.e. lost events on i.e. RS232 interface ,...)
* Adding new hardware - analog converter etc.

... basically everthing around and on top of ChibiOS to get a cool product out of the door. We have our own STM32 based hardware.

We are based in north of Germany in Hannover. Would be cool, but not mandatory, if you could work at least partially on site. We speek English and German. Please drop us a private note or send email if you like to join.

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