use offsetof from stddef.h in chRegistry

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use offsetof from stddef.h in chRegistry

Postby faisal » Tue Jan 11, 2022 11:26 pm

chRegistry defines its own _offsetof macro. That is technically UB, and clang compiler flags it as such. It's actually not possible to write an offsetof macro without UB, so compilers have their own implementation __builtin_offsetof which is avilable as offsetof in stddef.h .

Here's an example of the warning:

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../../ChibiOS_20.x.x/os/rt/src/chregistry.c:93:12: warning: performing pointer subtraction with a null pointer has undefined behavior [-Wnull-pointer-subtraction]
  (uint8_t)_offsetof(thread_t, hdr.pqueue.prio), ... def.h#L120 ... def.h#L406

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