[NO REPLY] General Ideas (rev #2, 2018-1-15)

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[NO REPLY] General Ideas (rev #2, 2018-1-15)

Postby Giovanni » Sun Dec 10, 2017 5:34 pm

Just a list of statements:

  • C replacement meant for embedded programming only. It is not even trying to be a general purpose language.
  • Focus is safety then convenience then compatibility with classic C.
  • Based on C99 with restrictions and embedded/safety-specific extensions.
  • GNU __attribute__ is standard, list of attributes will be defined.
  • Easy migration of C code but not necessarily 1:1 compatible.
  • Small subset of C runtime support.
    • stdint.h
    • stdbool.h (functionality is embedded in language)
    • string.h
    • math.h
    • More?
  • Inter-operable with C and C++. Meaning that C/C++ application should be able to use Safer C code.
  • Safer C is able to call C code using an "unsafe call" mechanism.
  • File extensions .ec, .eh.
  • The compiler defines __saferc
  • More?


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