2.1.x development branch

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2.1.x development branch

Postby Giovanni » Sun Dec 19, 2010 3:05 pm


Version 2.1.6 has been released, it is possible this is the last one before 2.2.0, please report any problem you may find.


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*** 2.1.6 ***
- FIX: Fixed error in sdPutTimeout() macro (bug 3138763)(backported in 2.0.9).
- NEW: New ARM Cortex-Mx port for IAR compiler (probably will not be
  included in 2.2.0, requires more testing).
- NEW: Now the STM32 CAN driver puts the lower half word of the ESR
  register in the upper half word of the can status word for easier
- CHANGE: Changes in the board files organization, now the board
  initialization is invoked from within halInit() after all the device
  drivers have been initialized. Now applications are required to
  explicitly invoke halInit() and chSysInit() from within their main().
- CHANGE: Removed the CMSIS files from the ARMCMx port, added the headers
  into the various HAL platforms requiring them. The change is required
  because the port layer must not have vendor specific dependencies and
  there is the possibility that the various vendors would use different
  CMSIS versions now that CMSIS 2.x has been released.
- CHANGE: Modified the start of the ADC in the STM32 ADC driver, now it is
  no more required to specify ADC_CR2_EXTSEL_SWSTART and ADC_CR2_CONT
  in the CR2 register configuration. Also reordered the start sequence
  in order to allows a longer stabilization time for the ADC.
- Documentation improvements.


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Re: 2.1.x development branch

Postby Giovanni » Sun Jan 09, 2011 5:14 pm


ChibiOS/RT version 2.1.7 unstable has been released. This version includes support for RVCT compiler and improved support for the IAR compiler. This release is "feature complete" and has to be considered a release candidate for the upcoming 2.2.0 stable release.

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- FIX: Fixed error in chIOGetxxxxxEventSource() macros (bug 3153550)
  (backported to 2.0.10)
- FIX: Fixed error in STM32 unbuffered UART driver (bug 3153437).
- FIX: Fixed wrong macro check in LPC214x driver (bug 3152510).
- FIX: Fixed switch condition error in STM32 PWM driver (bug 3152482)
  (backported to 2.0.10).
- FIX: Fixed error in output queues static initializer (bug 3149141)
  (backported to 2.0.9).
- FIX: Fixed extra notifications in input queues (bug 3148525)(backported
  to 2.0.9).
- NEW: New ARM Cortex-Mx port for RVCT compiler.
- NEW: Integrated the various Cortex-Mx GCC, IAR and RVCT demos in unified
  demos with multiple project files, the code is exactly the same. Renamed
  the directories removing the compiler suffix.
- NEW: Added an USB clock configuration in the STM32 HAL driver (LD, MD, HD).
- NEW: New semaphore API chSemSetCounterI().
- NEW: New queue APIs chIQGetFullI() and chOQGetFullI().
- CHANGE: Serial drivers now have a single event source instead of three,
  the event source is located in the superclass, this allows to create
  alternative implementations of the serial driver while keeping compatibility,
  the change also allowed to save 8/4 RAM bytes per serial driver.
- CHANGE: Modified the ADC and CAN drivers to allow a NULL pointer for
  the configuration structure if it is not required by the implementation.
- CHANGE: Modified the MMC_SPI driver to *require* a NULL as pointer to
  the configuration.
- CHANGE: Removed enforced inlining for the chSchReadyI() function when
  the CH_OPTIMIZE_SPEED is enabled. Now the matter is left to the compiler
  specific settings. This change is meant to increase compatibility with
  compilers that have a different inlining semantic than GCC when not in
  C99 mode.
- CHANGE: Changed the declaration of the main() function in all demos
  without arguments. Removed the clearing of arguments from the startup
  files and saved some space.
- CHANGE: Queues callbacks now have as parameter a pointer to the queue,
  there were no parameters previously.
- Documentation related fixes.

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