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Re: ChibiStudio

Postby Giovanni » Mon May 11, 2020 9:07 am


ChibiStudio for Linux 2020-05 has been released:

Note that it is an experiment using the latest Eclipse and updated debug plugins, please report any problem you may have.

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*** 2020-05 ***
- Updated to Eclipse 2020-03.
- Updated ChibiOS branches.
- Updated OpenOCD for STM32G4 support.
- Updated plugins.
- Included 19.x, 20.x and latest trunk.

The above guide posted by Rocco Marco is also valid for the Linux version. Note that this ChibiStudio version is designed to be located in /home/chibios/ChibiStudio, placing it to a different user/location requires editing of paths in workspaces and re-import of projects.

This version is also available into a full Linux Mint VM, no need to edit anything: user: chibios, pass: chibios. You can export ChibiStudio from the VM after trying it.


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Re: ChibiStudio

Postby RoccoMarco » Sun Jul 11, 2021 2:38 pm

ChibiStudio 2021-07 Release Canditate 1 for Windows has been released:

Note that a subsequent release will be prepared right after the release of ChibiOS 21.6.1.

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*** ChibiStudio 2021-07 RC ***
- Updated Eclipse to 2021-06
- Updated all the Eclipse plugin
- Updated trunk code to revision 14595.
- Added ChibiOS 21.6.0.
- Updated chibios203 to ChibiOS 20.3.3.

Please report any issue you may find in the ChibiStudio subforum

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