21.6.x stable branch

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21.6.x stable branch

Postby Giovanni » Sun Jun 13, 2021 5:07 pm


First release in the 21.6.x stable branch, name is "Erchie".

This first 21.6.0 has to be considered a release candidate, it will be followed by a first official release to which active customers will be updated.

This release is composed by:
- RT 7.0.0.
- NIL 4.1.0.
- HAL 7.2.0.
- EX 1.2.0.

The release note:

Code: Select all

*** ChibiOS 21.6.x Release Notes.                                          ***

ChibiOS 21.6.x is composed of several independent but inter-operable
sub-projects: RT, NIL, SB, HAL, EX. Plus several external libraries
integrated in our structure: WolfSSL, FatFS and lwIP.

*** ChibiOS 21.6.x highlights ****

- NEW RT 7.0.
- Support for RP2040 and Raspberry Pico board.
- Support for STM32L5xx, STM32WBxx and STM32WLxx families.
- Dynamic clock support in HAL.
- Improved STM32 HAL.
- Added ARMv8-M port.

*** ChibiOS 21.6.x general improvements ***

- Added chscanf() and buffered streams.
- Added option to LWIP bindings to use memory pools instead of heap allocator.
- Added dynamic reconfiguration API to lwIP bindings.
- Updated FatFS to version 0.14.
- Updated CMSIS headers for STM32F7, G0, G4, H7, L0, L4, L4+.
- Mail Queues test implementation in CMSIS RTOS wrapper.
- Added latency measurement test application.
- Simplified test XML schema.

*** What's new in RT/NIL ports ***

- Addes SMP port for Cortex-M0 required by RP2040.
- The old generic ARMCMx port has been split in ARMv6-M, ARMv7-M and ARMv8-M-ML
- Simplified interface between RT/NIL and port layer.
- Removed duplicated files in port layers: chtypes.h, chcore_timer.h.

*** What's new in OS Library 1.3.0 ***

- Internal rework to make it compatible with RT 7.0.0 and NIL 4.1.0.

*** What's new in SB 1.1.0 ***

- Internal rework to make it compatible with RT 7.0.0.
- Safer messages mechanism for sandboxes.
*** What's new in RT 7.0.0 ***

- Support for full-SMP multi-core threading.
- Support for decoupled multi-core threading.
- Performance improvements thanks to code paths tuning using likely/unlikely
  macros. This feature requires compiler support and is currently enabled
  for GCC.
- 64 bits monotonic time stamps with the same resolution of system time.
- Much more efficient and accurate Virtual Timers in tick-less mode.
- Automatic reload of Virtual Timers, now both one-shot and continuous timers
  are supported.
- Internal reorganization to better fit the general architectural design. For
  example, lists/queues code has been centralized in a dedicated module.
- New trace event for entering the "ready" state.

*** What's new in NIL 4.1.0 ***

- Internal rework to make it compatible with RT 7.0.0.

*** What's new in HAL 7.2.0 ***

- Clocks reconfiguration API.
- Updated SIO driver model to support more use cases.

*** What's new in EX 1.2.0 ***

- Added support for ADXL355 Low Noise, Low Drift, Low Power, 3-Axis
  MEMS Accelerometers.

*** What's new in AVR HAL support ***

- None.

*** What's new in STM32 HAL support ***

- Dynamic clock support for L4+, G0 and G4 families.
- Improved PWR settings for L4+, G0 and G4 families.
- Support for more STM32 sub-families.
- Added MACv2 driver for STM32H7xx.
- Added support for UART9 and UART10 in STM32 USARTv1 drivers.
- Updated STM32F4xx platform with new IRQ handling, enabled the missing timers.
- SIO driver STM32 implementation for USARTv2 and USARTv3.
- Support for 3 analog watchdogs in ADCv3 (STM32F3, L4, L4+, G4).
- Support for 3 analog watchdogs in ADCv5 (STM32G0).

*** What's new in tools ***

- More configuration files updater scripts.

Branch 20.3.x is still in maintenance mode.
Branch 19.1.x is now unmaintained.

Please report any problem you could find with this release candidate in the "bug reports" forum section.


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