21.11.x stable branch

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21.11.x stable branch

Postby Giovanni » Sun Nov 07, 2021 5:01 pm


First release in the 21.11.x stable branch, name is "Vettica".

This first 21.11.0 has to be considered a release candidate, it will be followed by a first official release to which active customers will be updated.

This release is composed by:
- RT 7.0.1.
- NIL 4.1.1.
- HAL 2.0.0.
- EX 1.2.0.
- SB 2.0.0.

The release note:

Code: Select all

*** ChibiOS 21.11.x Release Notes.                                         ***

ChibiOS 21.11.x is composed of several independent but inter-operable
sub-projects: RT, NIL, SB, HAL, EX. Plus several external libraries
integrated in our structure: WolfSSL, FatFS and lwIP.

*** ChibiOS 21.11.x highlights ****

- New sandboxe sybsystem 2.0.
- FatFS support for lwIP HTTPD subsystem.
- Improved HTTPD support in MAC demo.
- Improved STM32 HAL.
- Added ARMv7-M (alternate) port.
- New unit test library.

*** What's new in RT/NIL ports ***

- New ARMv7-M-ALT port can be used as alternative of the classi ARMv7-M port:
  - Lower thread-to-thread performance.
  - Improved IRQ latency.
  - Improved thread-fly-back time from ISRs.
  - Lower RAM usage.
  - Improved syscall support.
  - Support for safer sandboxes 2.0.
  - Support for creation of unprivileged threads.

*** What's new in OS Library 1.3.0 ***

- None.

*** What's new in SB 2.0.0 ***

- Cleaner and easier to use API.
- Safer messages with timeouts.
*** What's new in RT 7.0.1 ***

- Improved Virtual Timers:
  - Higher performance.
  - Graceful failure mode for insufficient delta.
  - Better warnings reporting in RFCU unit.

*** What's new in NIL 4.1.1 ***

- Minor internal adjustments.

*** What's new in HAL 8.0.0 ***

- Support for return codes from all xxxStart() functions.
- New SPIv2 driver model with masted and slave support.

*** What's new in EX 1.2.0 ***

- None.

*** What's new in AVR HAL support ***

- None.

*** What's new in STM32 HAL support ***

- SPIv2 support for all sub-families. SPIv1 still available as fallback.
- EFL driver and demo for STM32F3xx.
- Support for STM32G031, STM32G041, STM32G0B1, STM32G0C1.

*** What's new in tools ***

- None.

Branch 21.6.x is now unmaintained and replaced by 21.11.x.
Branch 20.3.x is still in maintenance mode.

Please report any problem you could find with this release candidate in the "bug reports" forum section.


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