ChibiOS Project Boilerplate for Linux

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ChibiOS Project Boilerplate for Linux

Postby ceremcem » Fri Mar 08, 2019 4:07 pm


I'm not a user of Chibios Studio because I prefer command line tools. Since a ChibiOS project requires special attention, especially in a production environment, I created a boilerplate:

Benefits are as follows:

1. Takes care of separate inclusion folders for better separation of application and library code.
2. Provides easier mechanism for "Debug" and "Release" build modes
3. Aims a better separation mechanism for hardware differences (This is useful if you want to develop an application that supports more than one board/circuit)
4. Aims to provide a "batteries included" way by shipping debugging tools along with the project.
5. Proposes a future-proof build mechanism.

Example project that uses "chibi-project" is here:

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