Looking for PS/2 Keyboard and Mouse Example

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Looking for PS/2 Keyboard and Mouse Example

Postby robert_o » Thu Jun 04, 2020 11:52 am

Hello everybody,
it has been a long time since i've done some programming but now i have a new challenge.
I want to build a keyboard converter for my Commodore C128D. The C128D has an external keyboard without controller - just the Matrix is exposed and connected via 25pin Sub-D. To connect a microcontroller i will use a matrix switch, a STM32F407 (Discovery F4 Board for now) and a "standard" ps2 PC Keyboard.
There are many ps2 libraries but none for chibios and i am not sure how to implement it (interrupt, polled or maybe with a hardware spi or uart).
I know that a F407 is quite overkill for this task but i am planning to add more features.
Maybe somebody can help me here.
Thank you,

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