Version 0008 is out!

VIPER is a Python virtual machine that runs on top of ChibiOS. Hence, VIPER supports Python programming for all ARM architectures. Viper also supports native C functions that can be called by the Python scripts.
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Version 0008 is out!

Postby floyd » Tue Sep 01, 2015 8:50 am

A lot of new features have been added (in order of coolness):
- An Exception Debugger and a Bytecode Explorer. The console can now recognise printed exceptions and with a click of the mouse the exception traceback is shown. If you don't use the Viper IDE console for debug, don't worry: just copy and paste the exception text in the exception debugger and you will get the traceback. All of this, at the cost of just 8 more bytes per Viper thread.
- The Viper App! Go get it here1 and start playing with the Core and your Android device
- Core Wifi. The Particle Core wifi module together with the CC3000 drivers for Adafruit shield and breakout boards.
- Sockets. An almost BSD compliant socket implementation will let you write compact scripts to access the internet.
- HTTP. The first version of Viper requests module is ready, with a basic but very easy to use implementation of the http protocol
- JSON & MsgPack. Serialize and unserialize your objects
- Udoo Board support! yes! thanks to all the users who provided invaluable feedback.
- Hardware timers and advanced PWM. The hwtimers module provides a non-polling sleep with precision in the microseconds. And the pwm module now provides a blocking version of the pwm.write that produce exactly the amount of pulses you decide.
- Infrared. Pwm, icu and hwtimers are used together in the infrared module to code and decode infrared signals. Go play with the TOI shield!
- Servo motors. A module for servo motor controlling coupled with an animator module (an abstract and easy to use frame interpolator) f
- SPI. A module to handle spi communications with sensors and actuators directly from Python.
- Uplinkable resources. You can now create html, json, txt, bin files and save them together with the bytecode on the board flash. Open them from Python as read-only files!
- Virtual boards. You can now compile your scripts without a board plugged in

...and I probably forgot something :D

See you soon with the Photon wifi drivers and I2C

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